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Study from home

From your comfy couch or from your office you can learn Spanish or keep updating your Spanish skills. We have qualified, well-trained, and professional teachers. Our learning environment is intimate, friendly, and always one-on-one.

What do I need?

You need an internet connection (1/2G minimum), a skype account, webcam, a good set of head phones.

When can I take my lessons?

Most of our teachers are available in the afternoons (1pm to 7pm) or weekends all day (8 to 8pm) since during mornings they take care of our daily students at the school. However if you are interested in morning classes please let us know and we will do our best to schedule your lessons as your convenience.

Our Prices

The availability of our teachers is very important for our school so they can teach more students and occupy their time more effectively. So the most hours you schedule in advanced the cheaper it gets.

4hrsUSD 40
8hrsUSD 76
10hrsUSD 93
12hrsUSD 112
20hrsUSD 170
40hrsUSD 320

1hrsUSD 10
2hrsUSD 19
3hrsUSD 28
4hrsUSD 34
5hrsUSD 43

If you need to reschedule a lesson you need to contact your teacher in advance otherwise the lesson will be paid to the teacher as given. You can reschedule the same lesson only twice.


* All our packages can be schedule along 30 days maximum

You can schedule in different ways for example: one hour every day or split the total in two sessions. We recommend not to have longer sessions than 4 hours otherwise becomes too tedious. However, your schedule can be flexible as soon as you and your teacher agree on it.

One hour free trial !!!

If is your first time trying online classes and you are not sure if it will work for you. We offer you one hour free trial!!! And for those who have studied in Xela with us you have a two hours free trial!!

How do I register?

Please email us at xelacervantes@gmail.com and tell us about your schedule, your Spanish level, preferences and Spanish interests. Then we will answer you as soon as possible with the confirmation of your schedule and your teacher. We will also ask you to email us your skype name in order to pass it on to your teacher so he/she can find you on skype. Don’t forget that you have to accept his/her invitation that way you will be ready to start with your classes.

It is important that you email us 2 or 3 days before you want to start classes so we can make all these procedures in advance.

How do I pay?

All the payments have to be made within 24hrs in advance. We are working on setting pay-pal payments but for now we offer you these options:

Using western union under the name:
Name: Sary Muñoz
ID: I-9104812
Address: Quetzaltenango

Using online payment (Visa, Mastercard or American Express):
The cost of this service is 7.5 % extra from your payment so if you are paying your tuition through this media remember that you have to add the 7.5 % fee otherwise it will be substracted from your current payment.

(Miguel de Cervantes) Guatepay 👈

What  if I missed my lesson?

If you did not inform us in advance that you will not be able to attend your lesson, your payment will not be refundable.

In order to cancel your session and be able to reschedule it, we need to know at least 5 hours in advance so we can tell the teacher not to come to the school and he/she can make other plans.

However you can reschedule your lessons only one time a week since the teacher can be working with someone else if you do not show up to your session.

Why if there is a problem with electricity or the internet connection?

If this is the case, the teacher will cover the minutes spent on fixing things. Or you can also reschedule the class.